putting the n in cuts

So I might not have been able to get out this morning and participate in the half marathon (sob), but I did get out to protest.

Joe/Frank and I rocked up to the Sydney MarchInMay rally with thousands and thousands of other like-minded people.

The last time Joe/Frank and I attended a protest I was pregnant with Bess and he was in a stroller/pram/push chair. Back then
we were very opposed to French nuclear testing in the pacific. I tried to dig out a photo, but they’re rather too packed away.

Today was great, I clapped so hard that I burst a vein in my palm (ouch! giant bruise!) and we both did a good line in shouting “shame” when appropriate.

I think we’re both really glad we attended, it was a great sense of community. This new hyper-conservative vision is really not the Australia we want and I think it is really important to get out there and make that known.

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