bring it on

The smh half marathon is on Sunday. I’m being taunted everywhere I look – so many emails, text messages, flashing signs, people to sponsor.

Gah! I am so tempted just to pick up my race packet and give it a bash, but that is completely unrealistic given my lack of prep, ouchy knee and the 2:38 time limit.

But really, I think TheUniverse is telling me to get out to the March in May instead.

As very long-time readers know, I was an absolutely rabid Labor supporter until I actually worked for the biggest affiliate of the Labor party (my dream job), whereupon I became more disillusioned and disenfranchised with the political process (for years and years) than you could possibly imagine.

But this, this budget? I think it is completely and utterly horrific. I am very fortunate that I am in a position of privilege, but I remember what it was like to wash nappies by hand and eat 50c meals (sorry Joan) and not have money for anything

I am fired up and ready to go.

2 thoughts on “bring it on

  1. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it next year. I work in local government so it is hard not to become totally disillusioned but as the revolution is not likely to happen anytime soon you have to engage with the best of the bad bunch. Good luck.

    • I think that is it for me and races – will, I think, stick to the solo runs for the next little while.

      March was great. Good to feel politically engaged again.

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