15km this morning in the drizzly weather.

Well, drizzly until the torrential rain started at the 6km mark and lasted for about 2km. This resulted in a Very drenched me and a Very dead ipod shuffle.

And so I was forced to run roughly 7km with no music and Very sodden shoes (and Very sodden everything else).

Not one of the better running days.

But, as Don and I were discussing today, on the rare occasion you get an amazing golf round or you run further than you could have ever imagined, but the bulk of times it is just really hard, challenging grind. I really think it is the grind that makes the amazing moments all the more satisfying. And as someone who has generally only pursued activities which have come quite easily to me, running is rewarding in a way that those things I excel at are not – because realistically, I am never going to be an outstanding runner.

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