squishy, crinkly chips

We went out for dinner earlier in the week to celebrate the birthday of Donaldo. He was keen to check out the Oxford Tavern – a formerly notorious pub in the neighbourhood, famous for topless waitresses, strippers and jelly wrestling – which had recently been refurbished.

The place was buzzing and the food, faux-american-diner style, was great! And they’ll have proper bbq from Australia Day which we are pretty excited about (though surely it could not be as good as Don’s Carolina bbq).

The decor was pretty fab too.

Say what you want about hipsters, they definitely gather where there is good eating. The ‘ham has definitely needed something like this. I, for one, welcome the hipsterisation of the neighbourhood, I’m finally glad to have somewhere local to grab a decent pub meal, that does not involve a schnitzel bigger than my head.


Poor Don was back to work today (another lovely xmas break over far too soon). I don’t return until Monday, so took the opportunity to do a bit of running about doing errands, which has left me wiped out and, interestingly, has made my nose ache more pronounced. Must conserve energy. I’m very lucky the outcome of whacking my face was not a whole lot worse and need to remember that I need to recover.

I’d also really, really love to exfoliate my face right now, but alas that is not going happen because it still hurts to even gently touch the pauvre nez. Unless this improves markedly in the next 3 days, I’ll be going to SML sans-makeup on Monday – eeeek!

And while on the subject of SML, there are all manner of Very big things afoot this year. As I said to Heather today, I suspect it will be the Worst Year Ever (lucky I have project: escape to keep me occupied).

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