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You might recall our horribly stinky rubbish bin. Still unfortunately stinky, mostly because it sits in the very hot direct sun for most of the afternoon.

We’ve decided that providing some shade might alleviate the smell somewhat, but are rather limited in what we can do in terms of street frontage – we can either erect some form of screen between the “fence” and the bins or put a planter on the “fence”.

Deciding which approach to take has caused a little discord. Don does not believe that plants can survive in the desert-like conditions at the front of ThePalace(OfLove). I disagree and think rosemary and mint would be the very things.

So, we did what any sensible people would do and resorted to Science! I have rosemary and mint, I will plant them in a container which I will place on the even more desert-like conditions on the top balcony and we will see what happens (already I am planning what the planter will look like).


In other gardening news:

Unlike last year when there was an awful lot of waste, we are harvesting our chillies for the freezer as they ripen. The plant was gifted from Don’s colleague last year – they are pretty excellent chillies

This wee creature was on the sage. I am tremendously excited and hope it brings friends

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