though i think the typeface on the lighter was bit of an anachronism

I forced poor Don come with me for a Very short run this afternoon, 3 times around the ‘ham oval which equates to about 1.2km.

I am pleased to report that it was not at all difficult (barely broke a sweat). I have been so worried about having to start all over again with running after breaking my face – so this was mucho relief.

HolyGoodness! I so adore running – it is definitely one of the absolutely best things about 2013.


I really kind of lost my cooking mojo in the latter part of this year, so am hoping to rev it up a little with some old faves.

I’ve just whipped up a batch of coconut paletas – because, yum!

Part-way through I discovered that the cream was not in the best condition, despite a use-by date of 1 January, so subbed with milk. Science! I can’t see any way that it will not work – and will possibly be marginally more healthy for us.

Later I am making shepherds pie for the first time since April (see, that food diary really is useful).


Despite, or because of Frugality, we’ve recently bought a bunch of DVDs so that we might get back on the watching stuff train. We are perpetually challenged because I am all about the tv series and Don is all about the films – so inevitably we end up watching nothing.

But so far we’ve had:

Prometheus: me: “i give it 4 stars” | don: “out of 5?” | me: “no”
on the long-forgotten kitty scale =

Django Unchained: *heart*, but could have been edited a little more ruthlessly.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is currently on GiantTelevision – already it gets a 4 for the sets and costumes alone.

We’re also making a list of the movies we’d like to watch, so that we are not stymied when in the store – or when bored.

The list rather needs some work.

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