trouble’s abrewing

Today, being excellently rainsish, was a day for Indoors.

Don bottled the Broken Tap Pale Ale which will sit in the bottles for another month or so before drinking.

Broken Tap Pale Ale – the first bottle! (must make a label)

Then he and Joe/Frank commenced a batch of apple/pear cider – henceforth known as Bleedy Finger cider (can you sense a theme here?)

ingredients: 15 litres apple juice | 5 litres pear juice | yeast | sugar

my totes hipster dudes – when too many beards are barely enough

Estimated savings on the equivalent quantity of purchased cider – $300. This one will have to fester in the fermenter for about 3 months.

Next up – gumbo and chicken stock.

This no golf has lead to a massive increase in productivity!

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