and don’t even get me started on house prices

Given that we have no outside hanging space in ThePalace(OfLove), we’re big on using the dryer to de-wrinkle the clothes after partially drying them on wee racks on the top floor (much, much preferable to ironing!). Dryer sheets are an essential step in the process. I was well over the available options (the fragrance being pretty intensely blergh) so and went to the InformationSuperHighway for help.

I landed on and was forced to buy lavender, lavender pine and ginger pomelo dryer sheets and lavender dryer spray. It was very exciting. Why can’t we have nice things here? Why are the less nice things we do have so expensive?

And I received my parcel in 10 days. Unlike Don’s refrigerator temperature regulator which was ordered on the same day and which still hasn’t arrived and had only 95km to travel, unlike the dryer sheets which came from 12,441km away.

We just won’t talk about the carbon footprint of the exercise.


Gratuitous photo of kitty in shipping box:

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