i introduced myself to unsuspecting passers-by on the streets

I’m ever searching for infusions in teabag form for my wee teapot at SML (loose being just too messy/fiddly for the workplace).

Last night while grocery shopping I was forced to buy madame flavour raspberry and hibiscus mostly because I am quite fond of raspberry and hibiscus, but also because I have developed a quite perplexing attraction to the colour pink in my middle-age (previously being way too cool for and above such girlish things).

It was only when I was shoving the package in my handbag this morning that I noticed the complete and utter excellence of the little details. Both sides feature turgid, J Peterman-style narratives: “I travelled to Sri Lanka with 14kg of mountain pepper and lemon myrtle, away from my darling daughter Sienna”; “Their inner beauty flowed with passion and joy for life, in spite of hardships they faced”. Magnificent!

And then, best of all:

sensual infuser pod!

You can be assured that I will be adopting this description henceforth: tea-bags no more!

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