rancho farmo 2013

Though the ThePalace(OfLove) is quite enormous, there is not a lot of outdoor space available, but coming into our second spring we’ve been planning on extending the garden a little.

garden design – clearly I am wasted as an analyst

So it was off to the store yesterday for some plants and pots. In addition to tomatoes, cucumber and more herbs, we’re trying lettuce-y type plants (spinach, rocket, actual lettuce) this year in the hopes that we can harvest when we need rather than having pitiful bags of moldering green things in the vegetable “crisper”.

Today was planting day!

still unconvinced about the wide-angle iphone lens

We’re also trying some plants on the top floor balcony – it’s a similar exposed, unforgiving environment to that of our old haus, so we’re not too hopeful. But if it does work, we’ll have doubled our arable land!

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