north haverbrook

This week was the last three days of my manageressing course. Hurrah! Though I do have many assignments to complete – which I should probably get a start on soonish.

The course provider has moved from North Sydney to shiny new premises in the CBD and so rather than catch the insanely crowded train, I could take a lovely stroll from our car spot!

As I walked I discovered the monorail dismantling has commenced!

For those aware of the former stain on our fair city, this article provides an excellent background to the introduction of it with many fun and interesting facts – who knew, for example, that there were plans for freight monorails all over Sydney, a monorail in the centre of Australia and one over the arch of the harbour bridge?

a station in bits: formerly

broken track: formerly

bridge: formerly

Begone, blight!


Today though, Don had an exceptionally early meeting so I was forced to catch the train:

Beautiful – all that is missing is a shiny monorail chugging over the arch!

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