scary bobbles

After starting amazingly well with the reduce-the-stash pink hat, I hit the bobbles and set it aside for weeks while I worked up the courage to commence them.

After all that hesitation, I sucked-it-up (princess) and they ended up being quite simple. Honestly, I don’t know why I become so afraid of these things – they are never as difficult as one anticipates.

Despite having two balls of wool, I once again ran out (ARGH!) and had to rip back almost to the ribbing. Even with re-positioning a couple of times the bobbles looked very much out of proportion with the shorter hat – so I eventually left them off.

I suspect I’ll need three balls to get this hat made to pattern, but I’m moving on to this one. There’s a fair bit of unused 8ply lying about.

2 thoughts on “scary bobbles

    • Very comfy it is too. I really like those wiksten knitting patterns – am all for supporting small designers.

      I haven’t been brave enough to delve too deeply into the fabric stash yet, I did have a cull before we moved, but there is still enough to make me go hmmmmmm.

      A good project for winter I think.

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