death of a project (fin)

I’ve mentioned before that project 6 (complete one project from my dabbler email per month) hasn’t really panned out as I’d hoped. I’m still am completely in love with the idea of the email, but the projects were either not for me (kimchi, ginger beer, origami) or activities I am already very familiar with (knitting, gardening, icy-treats).

I’ve been pondering for a good while what I should choose as a replacement. Clearly it had to be something crafty – but what?

Then, after doing nothing but pondering, when foraging through the fabric stash for something for Bessie, it struck me … I have so many unfinished projects, so many never commenced projects, so many boxes, so much clutter!

So, instead of trying new things, Project 6 becomes finish all of those things you started or abandon them.

My first three projects:

Two lengths of fabric I’ve had for about 10 years. One of two balls of wool I’ve had for a couple of months.

First up was busting out the twin needle I bought over a year ago to hem this fabric length from Reverse Garbage (which cost about $1) to use as a throw for the bed.

So even and neat and comfy!

Next I’m hand-hemming the jacquard (also about $1 from Reverse Garbage) to use as a tablecloth and having another attempt at the hat with sufficient wool for the correct length and bobbles.

There are enough unfinished projects in the cupboard to easily keep me occupied for the rest of the year!

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