great unwashed

I finally attended the first three days of my intensive manageressing course this week. Unfortunately it required a train journey (or a $44 cab fare – oops) to the other side of the harbour. This meant that the time available before I had to leave in the mornings was quite limited and finding time to run was a bit of an issue – mainly because it was dark, cold and damp and I was exceedingly reluctant to get out of the warm snuggly bed (and leave warm, snuggly Don and warm, snuggly NewKitty1).

After listening to my incessant whinging, Don encouraged me to drag myself out of bed on Tuesday morning to go for a very short run, just to get out there so I didn’t forget how. Because of the damp and clouds my device was taking an age to latch on to a satellite, so I gave up and just started running.

I don’t know how far I ran (maybe 3km?) or how long it took. On Thursday too, I had to abandon the device and run my usual route (so at least I knew how far I’d gone). It was a little confronting in tree-falling-in-a-forest way … if I have no data, did I really run? Those were the only two times I exercised this week, which makes it probably my worst effort in many months.

While the course was quite good and will prove useful (five more days over two months to go + assignment time), being trapped, sitting, in a building all day with little exercise and travelling on germ-ridden public transport2 has left me feeling a touch unwell. Blech!

I am ramping up the vitamins and resting and will return to my natural state of isolating myself from the coughing, sneezing, spluttering masses in an effort to reclaim the health.

1BabyKitty eschews our company, preferring to sit yowling at the side of the bed demanding food

2Don has been on annual leave this week, so I’ve also been catching the bus.

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