exercise 2013: fourteen

It rained a good deal this week, so I was a little concerned that I would not be able to fulfil my exercise quota – fortunately I managed it by cramming it all in to the weekend.

I’ve been vaguely considering joining a local gym as an exercise backup – there is a 24 hour one around the corner which seems a good option, but this does rather conflict with the austerity measures, so I’ll ponder some more.

Tuesday (02/04): run

I’ve found that I have days where running is awesome and effortless and I feel wonderful – this was not one of those days. Ridiculously difficult and I had to walk for a bit.

I think TheUniverse rewards you with fabulous days just so you’ll keep at it – mostly it is hard grind and overall disappointing. Don finds the same with golf.

5.34km* | 37:52


Friday (05/04): run

This was one of those Good Days. I think a late lunch of pasta salad helped. Also I was Quite Annoyed with some SML developments, so I think the fury acted as good fuel.

5.44km | 36:42


Saturday (06/04): run

Gloomy weather which I think I prefer to run in. Felt very good – could attribute that to very late carb-filled dinner the night before (possibly also the handsful of m&ms immediately before bed – which, on reflection, may be responsible for my awful nightmares).

Thanks Universe for keeping me at it!

6.12km | 41:32


Sunday (07/04): run

Daylight Savings ended and I managed a wee sleep-in for the first time in months (well, after feeding the kitties).

Could have gone further but was keen to farewell Don before he ventured out to golf.

5.87km | 40:15


Definitely going to attempt to keep up the four runs a week, but am going to have to readjust the weekly schedule because it will now be dark after work and running in the dark around here is less than optimal. The footpaths are all lumpy and area less than well-lit and falling down is not something I want in my future! Will see if I can squeeze in a couple of quick 5kms next week before I drag self to SML.

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