exercise 2013: week nine

Back in the saddle. Hurrah!

Tuesday (26/02) run:

After the two week break, I took a fairly short route. Hills are hard. I really want a contour map of my suburb, so that I can draw a cross-section and work out just how steep and high the terrain is (although I have a sneaking suspicion that it is not quite so horrendous as I think!)

3.16km | 22:40


Saturday (02/03) run:

Don went to yoga for the first time in months. I decided to save my knees and get out and about. I extended the distance and, to my dismay, found it extremely challenging – to the extent that I had to have a couple of walks (50m + 20m + 50m).

4.82km* | 34:39


Sunday (03/03) run:

Back to the 3 exercise sessions in a week! This was ridiculously difficult. I started out with LOADS of energy and a quite decent pace. Unfortunately I hit the wall big time and had to walk again a couple of times (50m + 50m + 100m). Afterward I realised that the only things I had eaten all day were a small yoghurt and a piece of Bessie’s divine chocolate cake – certainly not adequate fuel for running.

4.78km* | 34:29


So, while I am not going to set the world aflame, I’m pleased to be getting back out there. Despite all the running I’m not really experiencing anywhere near the agonising knee pain that I was, so I think we can definitely attribute that to the yoga.

While I’m not quite ready for the up and running 10k course, I’m definitely on track to sign up for the next one. I think that is a reasonable next goal, though first I must consistently get to 5km without near-collapse!

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