put down that computer

I’ve been somewhat low-level, non-specific grumpish for the past couple of weeks. I don’t seem to be getting a heck of a lot done, have no idea where my time goes and this displeases me.

I’ve been trying to pin down the cause but it was pretty elusive up until this morning, when I realised that, once again, I am spending way, way too much mindlessly scrolling and clicking around on the InformationSuperHighway – for hours and hours every day. It’s a total rabbit-holey time-sink and is not adding a whole lot of value to my life.

So I am planning to put myself on a computer diet for a while. I’m still fine-tuning the parameters. I’ll keep posting here, but I’m thinking the diet will involve no twitter, no forums, limiting blog reading to ten(ish)1 and reducing my total daily internet time to about 2 hours. Maybe for the entirety of March?

We’ll see if that fixes me!


Gratuitous baby kitty photo (taken with the magnificent lensy, of course):


1 Yes of course, you’re one of the ten(ish)!

2 thoughts on “put down that computer

  1. I could have written this…the frittering away, the low-level irritability, the determination to stay away from the interwebs. I’m off twitter for a while, that’s a shocker for the high-level frittering, low-level reward I reckon. Want to do email support? That accountability thing.

    • Oh yes! Genius idea. Will email.

      I have a pact with Don that if he sees me frittering he is to call me out on it, though I still find new ways to waste time!

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