projects progress: february

So, how did I go with my projects in February? Let us review:

  1. film: one new film per fortnight
    ACHIEVED: Back on track for February! Still have to catch-up the one we skipped in January.

  2. foodz: one new recipe per week
    ACHIEVED: we’re on a roll and back to the menu planning, which I think makes scheduling new things much easier.

  3. da ‘hood: explore the neighbourhood once per month
    NOT ACHIEVED: This is proving to be more difficult than anticipated. I try to run different routes, but it is not quite the same thing as a proper explore.

  4. paint: 6 months to paint the interior of ThePalace(OfLove)
    OFF THE RAILS: we’ve not picked up a brush in Feb. Hoping to prep and prime our room on the coming weekend and paint the next.

  5. teev: watch something each week from the ridiculously extensive stash of video media
    NOT ACHIEVED: we’ve been eating quite late and heading straight to bed to read. Disappointing.

  6. projects: complete one project from my dabbler email per month
    NOT ACHIEVED: this month was raising seeds – seasonally wrong for the antipodes. Also, I’d just planted some kitty grass seeds about 2 days before receiving the email (plus see all previous gardening posts). I did make a start on a hat (January was knitting). The hat has bobbles, so perhaps I can count that as my January thing.

  7. learnin: (a) commence my manageress diploma (+ no dallying re assignments) – updated to include (b) be a better manageress.
    NOT ACHIEVED: (a) course is still yet to commence.
    ACHIEVED: (b) Mr T has commented (unsolicitedly) several times that he can see a difference in my approach and is pleased that I am taking this transition so seriously (but it is a challenge).

  8. exercise: twice a week. incidental exercise does not count
    NOT ACHIEVED: illness took me out for two whole weeks. I did manage to get out for a run on Tuesday evening, so here’s hoping I’m back on track.

  9. thing: find my thing (the least SMART of all the projects)
    NOT ACHIEVED: I am no closer to the thing. I am having fun with my camera – but I don’t think that is my thing.

  10. sobriety: a dry (at least) January
    ACHIEVED: still going merrily along. Have managed to resist the occasional temptation of a glass of wine. The difference it makes to my finances is quite astounding.

Gosh! I really cannot say what I have done in place of all these things, because that would be a big nothing.

This is really kind of depressing.

Onward and upward for March.

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