exercise 2013: week seven + eight

Exercise over the past two weeks has been grim.

All I managed was a run on Tuesday (12/02), which went okay until I found I could not breathe and had to pause and walk for about 50m to catch my breath.

4.33km* | 32:05

No surprise that I ended up having Don and Joe/Frank’s cold and I’ve felt miserable ever since. At times like these it is difficult not to become discouraged. Blergh!

Once again I realise how much I rely on exercise for Good Mental Health. I am considering signing up for the next 10k up and running course to get me a little more focussed, but am a smidge over the 35min for 5km, so perhaps the one after.

This weekend I was plagued with a horrific tension headache right between my eyes which would not be shifted and which lingers a little this morning. I blame a combination of dehydration and reading tiny text for way, way, way too long each night on the Nexus without the benefit of my reading glasses – back to kindle-y for me for bedtime reading.


Meanwhile, on a more cheerful note – enjoy a kitty:

I really, really like this lens, but need loads more practice.

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