foodz: 9 (quiche with prosciutto and gruyere)

When you’ve cooked something less than optimal, it can really mess with your perfectionist psyche. So it was with some trepidation that I attempted Quiche with prosciutto and gruyere the evening after [not so] spicy chicken and bean stew.

This was the first quiche that I’ve made (including pastry), so the pressure was on! And at the last minute I discovered that my lovely husband used the gruyere in chicken enchiladas earlier in the week and so we subbed with bits of pecorino and parmesan we had lying about in the cheese drawer. I also used a slightly larger flan dish than suggested (primarily because we really do not need more cooking vessels).

Holy!Goodness! The relief!!

Super-rich, but really very wonderful.

We’ll definitely have again, but will possibly cut down on the double-cream which I used as a substitute for thickened cream. And I have no idea why I was such a pastry snob for so long – pastry made in the food processor is really quite good indeed!

Carol: 4 kitties

Don: 4 kitties

Joe/Frank: 4 kitties

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