death of a project?

The kitties are huge fans of cat grass and are so completely voracious that a pot does not last very long before being mown down to the roots.

lasted less than a day

I’d been searching for cat grass seeds in a desultory fashion for a little while, with the intention of having a number of pots to rotate to give each time to recover from the kitty carnage, but nothing had really come of it.

That is until we were at the cat shop and I impulse-bought a kit! And 20% off! Clearly TheUniverse was trying to tell me something (we will ignore the fact that it was infinitely more expensive than a packet of seeds would have been).

The kit came with a smallish disk of compressed stuff:

Which after soaking in water became a largeish disk of not-so-compressed stuff:


And the wee seeds, they sprouted:

more science!

I’ll be transplanting in a week or so.


Amusingly, about a week after this, my monthly (most excellent) dabbler email arrived … and it was all about seed raising.

After the subject being knitting last month, I may have to rethink this particular project.

While I am dead keen to learn new things, perhaps I need to guide myself – lest I be stymied by already being somewhat adept at the suggestions and consequently doing nothing.

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