Yesterday, with Joe/Frank visiting his other parents and Don at golf, I’d planned a nice run followed by some craftly activities and then writing all the blog posts that have been dancing about in my head.

Unfortunately after waking, coffee-ing and dressing and putting on my shoes I realised that the run would be extremely foolhardy, because there was no doubt that I was getting A Cold. The same Cold that had struck down both Don and Joe/Frank about a week before had finally taken hold.

So I hung about, managed a single post, Joan popped in briefly to pat the kitties, I caught up on a couple of blogs I’d forgotten existed1 and I slept.

And the gorgeous weather taunted me:

My body definitely did not find the lack of exercise agreeable and I felt quite miserable.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed and to work, but halfway there realised I should really have stayed put and so after arriving, I doused and stoked a few fires, made certain everyone could see how unwell I was and then headed home for more sleep … and dreamed that we acquired two bears (one resembled a combination of a polar bear and wombat) and an additional kitty and it was very crowded in ThePalace(OfLove) and also that I wore exceedingly short exercise shorts to SML which caused a bit of a stir.

I still feel quite miserable, but I have this lovely, calm face to cheer me:


1 Some of the first blogs I’d ever read (way, way back in 2001/02) – I have absolutely no idea why they popped into my head after all this time, I blame the cold and misery.

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