exercise 2013: week two(b) and (c)

After saying quietly to Don on Friday that I had a small goal of posting every day, I posted … nothing. Such is the way of these things.

Yoga for the first time this year on Saturday morning – and the second time since, I think, September. I have made a vow that I ywill not progress to the difficult variations of poses until I have absolutely mastered the basics. I get nothing from wobbling about.

I think there is big $$$ to be made in developing a modified form of yoga for your fuller-figured woman, or, indeed, women with breasts – what with the squishing and the squashing and the suffocation. Else I need to employ Shauna’s patented yoga snorkel. Or chest-binding.


Early(ish) Sunday morning, I decided to just get out there and ran 3.2km!

3.84km | 29:57

Very pleased with self! The oval provides an excellent running surface for the olde lady knees! When I can get back to 5km, I will attempt the horrible, hilly route once again. Surely it cannot be too difficult to drag myself out twice a week?

Of course, now I am achingly achy. But it is a good achy, not a “ZOMG! I am broken! achy”. Okay, maybe a little broken old lady broken achy.

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