well, i’m pretty sure it is not going to grow back

Holy!Goodness!, tomorrow came really rather quickly.

Last evening I celebrated with a “Farewell Ute” glass (or two) of vino and today Don took me out for lunch for my last meal.


I’m now on clear fluids until midnight, whereupon nothing at all will pass my lips.

But first, as preparation for surgery, I was required to consume this:

lens flare added, because you don’t want to know what this does

Trust me. You really don’t want to know.

2 thoughts on “well, i’m pretty sure it is not going to grow back

  1. Thank you!

    Fortunately seems to have gone well and am recovering nicely (despite my recent apparent re-developed allergy to penicillin – about which I must compose a post!)

    (And apologies, you got stuck in the comment approval queue while I was out of action – very strange because you should just go straight though)

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