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Operation Ute Removal was successful!

hospital feets

Day 2 post Ute Removal I felt pretty fabulous and was ready to go home. I attributed the niggling physical annoyances I was experiencing (Giant Swollen Hand and Foot! Headache, high-ish temperature, aching joints, shortness of breath and nasty cough) to after-effects of surgery.

It was only when home and those niggling annoyances started ramping up a bit and I started developing a rapidly-spreading, quite nasty rash that I realised that I was having an allergic reaction to the penicillin I was taking.

I was allergic when I was a wee thing (though have no idea if it manifested itself in the same way), but assumed I’d grown out of it because I have had penicillin several times as an adult with no apparent adverse effect.

I ceased consumption immediately1 and several hours later began to feel a little more human. So nice to have normal-sized (non-purple) appendages and to be able to breathe.

Must book in for allergy testing once I return to the SaltMinesLimited!

I felt almost normal, indeed quite buoyant, for a time, but you might be aware what a combination of morphia and codeine can do to your innards (if you are not aware, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be), so after a couple of days I ramped down the HardCorePainkillers to ibuprofen. Now am feeling a good deal less fabulous but not too poorly (though with the rare ZOMGWTFBBQ! pain requiring bending over and clutching at lower abdomen).

I received a copy of Serge’s report to SuperHappyFunGP last week and it would appear that Ute was the size of a 10 week pregnancy – I guess that would go some way to explaining my formerly ENORMOUS belly.

I must say, this recovery caper is pretty tedious. So much I’d like to be able to get on with, but must take things relatively easy – so unfortunately I compelled to ignore those little projects I’d like to throw myself at which involve lifting, moving things about and such.

Am off for review on Tuesday where I expect everything is trundling along peachily – thought I expect I will be told I need to walk about more, but not to do anything too arduous.

1and contacted Serge when I could – who agreed it was the sensible thing to do.

5 thoughts on “a bit boring

  1. Thanks both!!!

    I had hoped for uneventful, but alas there have been some complications. Really, would not be me and gynaecological issues unless things were difficult.

    Prudence, I made great-grandmother banana cake on the weekend before my surgery and the ravenous hordes all declare it to be one of the best they’ve eaten! Must post photo when feeling improved.

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