last bloggerer standing

Last evening I tweetered that “People don’t really blog very much anymore, do they?”.

And really, they don’t.

My very favourite, much adored, beloved peeps (you know who you are) have abandoned the bloggering format in favour of teh twitter and the many good things they have to say become lost in the incessent, shallow, babble of teh stream.

I miss the substance, the wonder, the minutiae, the delight, the depth, the thoughtfulness of everyday life.

And it all makes me Very Sad. But I will continue to periodically whisper into the echo chamber until I am the only thing left in my Feed Reader.

2 thoughts on “last bloggerer standing

  1. Things have certainly changed a great deal and makes me very sad and somewhat frightened .. the “right now” generation are not int he habit of waiting for anything or being alone, it does not bode well I fear.

    • Haha! I fear I see some of those qualities in myself lately – especially the not wanting to wait for anything. It is so easy for me to become sucked into twitter – immediate gratification, but ultimately unsatisfying – like junkfood.

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