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Long time readers (or long time followers on teh twitter) will know that around 18 months ago Don dropped his (ev)i(l)phone onto a hard, concrete floor and verily, it was dead, and that rather than an expensive repair Don chose to go shiny new Android.

While the screen was not cracked, the LCD was totally rooted and the dead phone sat in the cables/devices box totally unloved for many, many, many months.

And so, after those many months, it came to be that Bessie’s phone would no longer recharge, her ipod touch was utterly inoperable and I’d noticed and iTelephone repair pop-up stand at World Square.

There was nothing for it but to take ye olde DonPhone along and see what they could do with it.

$90 and only ONE HOUR later and it was as in the pre-dropped state. Utterly and completely amazing – truly, we live in the future and it is totes awesome.

We presented the device to Bessie and INSISTED that she choose a protective case from the vast selection of Joe/Frank’s (bought as a giant, multi-coloured job lot at a bargain price on eBay).

Now I very, very rarely bust out my SpootPhone in the presence of The Babies (it is so horrid, why would I bother?), so it was not a little amusing to see Bessie’s selection …


Interior photography in ThePalace(Of Love) is still proving a wee bit of a challenge – way too many reflective surfaces!

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