Mr T has been on hols for a month and tricks have been utterly delightful: super-quiet, ability to focus on the minutiae &etc. Unfortunately I rather think I’ve developed a pavlovian response to MT’s totally unhinged whims, so while exceedingly pleasant, the month has been all quite dull. Remind me of this when I have the inevitable multiple breakdowns upon his return.

As it is my last full week of freedom, I took the opportunity of grabbing an annual leave day on Thursday. I’d have have taken two, but MrsCranky goes off on maternity leave in 4 days and I, being the Ace! manager that I am feel as though I should be there for the remainder.

Don took the day too (and the tomorrow, having no knocked-up employees to fuss about) and we dragged poor kitty to the vet for her vaccination, acquired some kitty-scratching devices and headed out for a most excellent lunch at Jamie’s Italian, after which we spent way too much in DJ’s food hall. We travelled home on the train and marvelled that there was daylight! And it was during the week! And we were on the train! And we recalled fondly the times when we could actually leave the office while the sun was still out and resolved to try and stop leaving work in the dark (at least sometimes).

Henceforth this will be known as Vaccination Day and, like Taxation Day – an annual event where the morning is to be consumed by administrivia & the afternoon by Feasting and Shopping and Wine in not necessarily that particularly order.

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