roughing it

The Palace (Of Love) is utterly wonderful, but one thing it lacks is bloggering ability in the otherwise fabulous living space.

So lacking in bloggering ability that it has taken a week to move from the sentence above to this one.

I’ve taken to photographing householdly happenings with the SML (ev)i(l)phone because the superior camera cannot cope with the halogen lights and the flashy granite benchtops in the Fabulous Living Space.

Unfortunately poor Gertie (the very aged macbook), who is currently acting in the capacity of Fabulous Living Space Computer, cannot detect the (ev)i(l)phone is connected and so I am forced to repair upstairs to the horribly cold room which doubles as Bessie’s occasional bedroom and my occasional office and grab the photos and upload them – freezing all the while.

It speaks to my dedication that I share these pix with you.

Kitty loves footy:

best. photo. ever.

I will try to be a better blogger. Perhaps I need to bust out the ancient T23.

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