svelte and sleepy

Well, the no drinking for 4 weeks experiment was quite successful, I think.

I did give myself permission to partake in celebratory libations for Don’s citizenship festivities and drank a 1/3 of a glass of sparkling at the post-ceremony afternoon tea. I pretty much lost interest in drinking after a glass of wine that evening (I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me either). Amazingly, after that single glass (and 1/3) I still woke up at 3am and stared at the ceiling for an hour.

And I have gone down a dress size (to a 10, or a 6 for the Americans playing along), so yay for that.

And at least I do know now that my chub was actually from booze and not lack of exercise. And the sleeplessness was also booze-related. I just need to decide exactly what I am going to do with that knowledge (apart from briefly gloat and feel all morally superior – vegetarian style).


As for the promised flurry of images?

After discovering how to have Gertie resize images, I then discovered that Don changed the camera settings to RAW – which Gertie does not like at all (in her current configuration, she should like them). It should be the work of an instant to load the software that came with the camera and use that – except her CD drive is broken.

Would having one computer that works be too much?

Meanwhile, enjoy some images from the ancient olympus point and shoot:

The T23 innards from when I gutted it a couple of weeks ago. Lots of bits, aren’t there? This would have illustrated the actual we fixed it! post much better.

And from Little Marley Beach in the Royal National Park. Frankly, I think caming is overrated anyway.

I really can’t get enough of danger signs (from the Royal National Park).

Actually all of these images would have illustrated the posts they were intended for much better than just randomly hanging here. I fear there is an awful lot of this sort of thing on the big camera, perhaps some judicious culling is in order (or some retrospective insertion) if I ever get to them (need to hijack Don’s computer – although I worry that I may have some horrible computer breaking disease and may infect the only completely functional computer in the house).

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