the perfect is the enemy of the good (1)

I’m sick.

I have some flu-like thing, a flu-like thing that makes my brain resemble mush. Thinking is hard.

That doesn’t explain the lack of postering, I blame that on the endless trips to Bunnings and the other endless homely tasks (such as the endless cooking) that come with owning The Palace (Of Love).


In the spirit of the title, I leave you with the following:

Why did I leave it so very long to discover the excellent Dalziel and Pascoe? Now discovered I am devouring the novels. Thank TheUniverse for kindle-y – which gives me the series at a button press (or 17 presses. Still, better than tracking them down in shops)!

Why do stores have tons of toys for doggies, but none for kitties? Our precious lovely kitty needs toys and we have money to spend!

kitty readz

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