Every winter of my life I have been so very freezing inside whatever haus I’ve happened to live in because we tend not to do indoor heating terribly well in Australia (we fool ourselves into thinking the climate is so marvellous that we do not need such things).

The Palace (Of Love) is no exception. While we have super-thick walls, seals on the external doors and double glazing, it still gets very, very cold inside and we huddle around the column heater and imagine the dollars we are spending to miserably huddle (we tend to leave the heater on because by the time it heats the room, it is time for bed).

We’ve a gas outlet in the living area which we’ve been eyeing since we moved in. Today Don was working from home and Took Action!

We are now in possession of a gas heater and ZOMG! it is positively balmy all over The Palace even on the lowest temperature. Bessie is lounging about a summer dress!

Now I know why Heather has been pleading with the owners of the property he is renting to let him have a gas outlet installed at his own expense.

And, because it is much cheaper to run, hopefully the billz will be down!

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