Today, my team (well, Vincenzo) were running some numbers for Mr T to bust out to our Board to support how (despite ridiculous, almost insurmountable, odds) very close we were to our annual target and realised we’d actually achieve it.

I was overcome with goose-bumps and then I shed a silent tear or two.

At the beginning of the year the target was set and, as part of my new role, I stepped up to manage a company-wide process that had always been within the purview of DishyBoss. DishyBoss was all “we will never, ever meet this target”, “the target is preposterous” and “I stake my professional reputation on failure”.

Mr T had me demonstrate how we could achieve it and my analysis caused not a few ructions (and rending of papers in meetings). And for the last 11 months all I have heard is “it is your job to make sure we do this”. It has all been very harrowing in the extreme – especially when things went terribly awry on not a few occasions – and many, many times I have wanted to throw in the towel.

And yet here we are – all achieved.

I am so very glad I saw this through because despite the extreme dysfunction, ridiculous hours and the total hellish insanity, I have never felt more professionally satisfied, some might say smug, in my life.

I’m celebrating with a quiet champagne.

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  1. Thanks!!

    In excellent news: I have received the title I’ve coveted (much more appropriate than my current one) – which I can bust out in the new year (payrise in August please!) and I hope to get most of my miniscule bonus! With which I will purchase very desperately needed clothing (I have about 6 work outfits and wear Don’s jeans on casual Friday) and Action needs to be taken.

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