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We (for not much longer) live on a very small street which is quite narrow and traffic can only drive one-way. There is very little footpath to speak of and no-parking signs abound.

Occasionally people will abuse the one-way rule (because it is clearly dreadfully inconvenient to drive an extra 500m around the one-way circuit) and occasionally people will abuse the no parking rule.

And on very rare occasions, particularly unpleasant people will do both.

I’ve been saving a “State Debt Recovery Office” envelope (such as those accompanying parking fines) for a month or so because I was planning to place it under the windshield wiper of the next car I saw illegally parked, to give the particularly unpleasant person a wee fright and maybe cause a wee rethink of their scofflaw ways.

Over the weekend Don and I had noticed a car parked the wrong way in a quite inconvenient spot and I was considering busting out my precious envelope (there are only 13 days left to use it! new street is wide and parking appears plentiful).

When I walked to the bus stop this morning though, I saw someone beat me to sending a message:

For the very rude uncensored version, click here

Though an A4-sized sticker affixed to the driver’s side of the front windshield is perhaps ever-so-slightly-less subtle than the envelope I was planning.

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