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Yes, yes, posting every day indeed!

I’ve tried to ramp up the photographering over the weekend so that I might have some non-sunrise-sunset bloggering fodder for the coming week/s until we move.

Just … how could you leave this?: 5 May: 11:00


In very positive news Bessie finally completed the coat from hell, just in time for the assignment due date.

It will forever be known as the the Coat From Hell because the instructions for Simplicity1 patterns are written in some sort of hellish cipher which is ridiculously challenging to translate. I am at a loss to know how the novice sew-er manages. As it was, it was forced to annotate the instructions in English as best I could so Bessie could follow along.

The results though, they were particularly pleasing!

We’d been been searching high and low for appropriate sized buttons. After much torn-out hair we repaired to by button box, where we happened upon the perfect thing … the perfect thing that I have held close for around 15 years.

Proof that you should reconsider your minimalistising / decluttering.

1A misnomer if ever there was one.

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