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More, but different, clouds: 5 May 2012: 13:00

Heather and I hooked up with DisneyPrincess for drinks last evening and we had an Ace! time.

I did discover that my beer drinking powers have become much reduced: four beers and I was feeling it. I had a troubled sleep and carried about a hangover (and extreme grumpitude) for a good bit of the morning.

Just. What?

Fortunately my winely powers appear to remain intact.

While Heather was in the bathroom DisneyPrincess asked for the blog URL (having been on the road trip to the Nation’s Capital, she knew about my meetup with this most excellent person and was intrigued).

Initially, after extracting promises of 3xtr3m3 secrecy, I drunkenly agreed, but when it came time to type the URL into her phone, I baulked and made my excuses.

Not sure that I am willing to share this with any Real Life people – once given, one can never get it back.

7 thoughts on “countdown: 10

  1. Oh, that’s a difficult one. I’m very reluctant, given I can barely remember who’s featured and if it was flattering. Best to stay alluringly anonymous.

  2. “Have I slagged her off in any way?” was precisely what I was thinking as I made my excuses!

    Turned out that I had not, but yes, agree that anon is definitely the best.

    • Oh! I completely understand your reservations.

      I resisted meeting imaginary internet people for the longest time and I’ve so far restricted it to two very, very long time imaginary internet friends.

      To my relief, both of these meetings were completely Ace! and the imaginary internet friends were even more fabulous in real life.

      I am still rather reluctant to meet others and the thought of a group would give me pause too – for all of my Sagittarianness, I am not terribly social.

  3. Totally with you – the reason you blog is to get stuff out of your head without vocalising it to people in your real life, is it not? Once someone you know has trolled through and read every bit of stuff from over the years – that’s it you can’t take it back!

  4. Harriet!!

    Gosh yes! Remember back in the day when that person from QLD who shall remain nameless blabbed all about our blogs on that forum which shall also remain nameless and we had to start new ones? Awful!

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