it happens all the time, it’s detachable

I woke up this morning with a bad headache – a headache of the migrane1 variety.

I was forced to abandon any thoughts of yoga, resort to painkillers and hope sleep would take care of it – which, fortunately after some time, it mostly did. I now have a dull ache behind the left eye, but this is infinitely preferable to the agonising and endless stabbing and twisting of the imaginary knife of earlier in the day.

I’ve been pondering the cause of my newly-acquired headache collection. Was this the culmination of the week of headache? Do I need to wear my reading glasses more? Take more vitamins? Be more hydrated?

Most everyone has been all, “well, duh, you’re extremely stressed”.

These clever people are right, I am indeed stressed to the proverbials.

I have an enormous amount on at SML and a good deal to organise for Joe/Frank’s special provisions application for his HSC exams – all of it quite time-dependent.

On reflection, this stress also might go some way to explaining my extreme forgettery and not that I am developing early onset dementia (as a palm-reader at Paddington Markets told me was my destiny many, many years ago and which has, stupidly, preyed on my mind ever since).

I’m hoping April will see an improvement. Meanwhile, this weekend, I decided to embrace distraction as a de-stressing mechanism and have been cooking up a storm.

When we were oh-so-close to moving into not-meant-to-be-ours-haus, we pretty much cleared the freezer of emergency dinner supplies. We’re now re-building the stash and organising future lunches with cuban black bean soup and little chicken and vegetable pot pies (unblogged, but I daresay I have a photograph lurking somewhere from the eatin’365 project)

Tomorrow is minestrone alla milanese and a whole lot of sewing.

And, thus far, I do actually feel a little better (as long as I make an effort to live in the moment and not thinking of the week ahead).

1Of course, pronounced mee-grane, 60’s UK TV style.

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