break in the gloom

I attempted to ramp up the productivity today and, by golly, I am an Achiever!

  • ran/shuffled the usual 2.5km route … IN THE MORNING (first time ever)!
  • walked the (7.5km!) round trip to Rozelle with my lovely husband, to do a walk-by of a haus, visit the essential ingredient and grab a quick pub lunch. Despite sunscreen acquired sun-burn
  • folded tons of laundry
  • re-covered the wheat heat-packs and sewed new, removable (hello kitty) flanelette covers for same. If you don’t have a wheat heat-pack or two, you should run to the chemist NOW – they are genius!

    snuggly hello kitty

  • made 2 lots of pizza dough for (what turned out to be tremendous!) salami and ham pizzas for dinner

    quite excellent pizza – ignore the cooking detritus in the background

  • cooked minestrone alla milanese for lunches this week

    healthy! and inexpensive!

  • began gathering together the materials for totes for our new yoga mats (so tired of using the mats at the studio – they smell like very stinky feet)
  • ironed handkerchiefs (just about the only thing which is ironed in this haus)
  • put new sheets on the bed
  • drank wine
  • barely gave a thought to the horrendous week ahead at SML

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