back on the pony

So, I dragged myself off and inspected that place.

While it does need a little work (painters: stat!), it is $100K cheaper than lost dream haus1 and is in a more desirable (to us) location – though no 3rd bedroom and no garage (but secure parking).

And so we thought and thought and researched and researched and thought some more. We had our conveyancer look over the contract and … we made an offer.

And after a little back and forth … they accepted!


Everyone is excited for us, but we are keeping it chilled until contracts are exchanged.

But now, the endless admin and the waiting and waiting and the hoping to goodness that we are not gazumped.

All bits crossed please!

1Honestly, Sydney housing prices would make those from other climes collapse in horror.

2 thoughts on “back on the pony

  1. Oh! What a rude cow you must think me! I just discovered your comment hovering for approval in my dashboard.

    Must learn how to use wordpress.

    Yes, it is pleasing! We were only saying today that we’re almost in the position to join the hoards who sneer at those filthy renters đŸ˜‰

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