I’m not turning into some sort of crazy management tosser, but this HBR article about getting offline really resonated with me and I have defaulted to picking up a book when I am bored, rather than mindlessly staring at stuff on the computer.

I’ve been reading, spending a good deal of my down-time with my head in the kindle1 (that doesn’t quite work, does it?), re-reading the alphabet mysteries2 .

It has been pretty marvellous, though somewhat frustrating at some points, where I’m all like, “hang on, it didn’t happen at all like that“. But honestly, I don’t think I’ve read any series where the events in one book have not completely contradicted events which came before (really, some editors should be ashamed).

I’ve felt particularly indulgent, lazing about on the couch, moving very little – it has been wonderful. Why it feels more indulgent than lazing about in front of the computer, I am not sure – perhaps it is the horizontal v the vertical.

Am currently at Q, so should be back to my usual state of mindless, vertical sloth in the not-too-distant future.

1 Thanks! P1rates!
2 Totally inspired by this excellent person

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  1. I read them all up to U over Christmaswhich is somehow missing. I think I might have ditched it on a plane in the interests of lightening my luggage. I have to say I didn’t notice the anomalies so much but was surprised at some of the romantic sub-plots being different from how I first remembered them. I kind of like how she keeps everything in the 80s before the internet, before mobile phones etc – like her having to phone her travel agent to book a flight:)

  2. OH! I failed to mention that I was inspired by you! <edited>

    I believe in I Kinsey mentioned that she had been trained by Ben Byrd and that he and Morley Shine had a falling out years before, in Q she says she was trained by Ben and Morley Shine. That is the most glaring one, there have been a couple of others (early, am pretty sure she and aunt Gin lived in a haus, which in later books morphed into a trailer).

    I love the whole 80s thing too – and am constantly quizzing poor Don about California in the 80s, “did people really do this?”, “do you know where this is?”, “did you really have ATMs?” &etc

    (If D worked on your ipad, I can totally flick you U – just yell)

  3. Interestingly, the arrival of Kindle, electronic books etc, has been what’s brought me back to reading more. I installed KIndle Cloud Reader on my phone, and now find I am more likely to read books in those spare moments in preference to Twitter, Facebook etc. I think it’s the convenience thing. Carrying a book around was always such a pain, but when it’s on your phone, it’s always possible to catch a few pages here and there.

  4. Oh I completely agree!

    Back in the day, the stanza app on my iphone (could find link, but have consumed far too much wine) really ramped up my reading and convinced me that a kindle would enhance my life beyond measure.

    I have not been disappointed and would highly recommend – so much better than phone!

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