need a brace

Friday afternoon was spent off-site, enjoying a delightful boozy lunch with MrT, NotHeather, RightHandHarridan and others, belatedly celebrating exceeding our half year target by $10M (yay us!) and motivating us to achieve our completely and entirely unachievable annual target.

Post lunch and, surprisingly1 not too smashed, I decided to walk home – straight line across Pyrmont Bridge and down Pyrmont Bridge Road – not really too far (3km or so?).

Unfortunately while perambulating toward home, I misstepped while attempting to negotiate a gutter and twisted my ankle. I wish I could blame the alcohol, but unfortunately the ankle twisting also occurs when totally sober and can only be attributed to pure clumsy. Ouch!

So, I’ve been trying to stay off the throbbing ankle for most of the weekend, mostly indulging in sloth.

We did venture out and take advantage of the open-for-inspection of what-will-hopefully-very-soon be our haus (naturally we first telephoned the fabulous Real Estate Agent to check that our turning up wouldn’t be weird) to show Bessie around and do a wee bit of measuring.

We then visited space to suss out dining tables and armchairs (of which we need both) and came across polyform – we were bedazzled by their aesthetic and convinced that paying $50K+ for a new kitchen would totally be reasonable for what-will-hopefully-very-soon be our haus (clearly we are utterly insane).

Loan paperwork is the only thing remaining. We had pre-approval, so all should be on track to sign the contract tomorrow or Tuesday – there is of course, still the chance we might be gazumped. All bits crossed that it will not be so and it will be ours: oh yes, it will be ours.

Hand on heart, I promise not to become one of those home-ownery bores. But Holy!Goodness! it is utterly amazing to me that I am almost in a home-owning position, because if you had suggested that to me 3, even 2, years ago, I would have been on the phone to the nearest asylum to reserve a straight-jacket for you.

1Still managing to be a lady at SML functions … I know, I’m shocked too.

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