the great escape

Well … that was a week!

The first two days back at SaltMinesLimited were dire indeed and I was forced to wonder what the hell I was doing there. I honestly don’t think I have ever been so disengaged in my whole entire professional life.

Things did become a little better once I had several pieces of urgent and extremely complicated analysis to contend with, but a good deal of my time is spent wondering what the goodness I am doing with my life.

Having been enslaved by SML for SEVEN WHOLE YEARS, it is time to Take Action, embrace the Not Resolutions, and Get The Hell Out.

And thus, I was forced, against all of my principles, to sign up to LinkedIn. As Milly commented: “Things must be serious for you to hit the mainstream networking sites!”.


I will say that was an unexpected delight to find what past colleagues were up to:
ZOMG! x is where?. Very 3 degrees of separation.

And hey, if you know me and my Real, Proper, Name, do feel free to connect to me – because Holy!Goodness! I need all the help I can get. And if you need a very highly-paid, kick-arse Crystal Reports developer or data analyst – I’m cheap and have m4d sk1llz beyond your wildest imaginings!

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