This year we’re all about the frugality and the less boozing.

We were especially motivated after we realised that if we brown-bagged our lunch and did not drink wine for 3 days per week, we’d not be spending $120 – which would translate to $6,250 annually (or a quite decent holiday).

So we’ve challenged ourselves to bring lunches at least 4 days per week and only buy wine on the weekends (which, I must say, makes for much better sleeping). All dosh saved must be transferred to the high interest savings account at the end of the week.

And so became the pact – we’d each prepare something on the weekend that we could bring for lunch. This week was gumbo (Don) and an acquired lasagne (moi). Unfortunately, we were forced to cook the lasagne last evening when TheUniverse conspired against (late bus, initially omitting to include the sugar with the yeast, disastrous doubling of mixture etc etc) my planned pizzas. Fortunately it was only a three day week – hurrah for public holidays!

The non-drinking has also been working well, though with a public holiday tomorrow, we deemed today a Friday and got out pino grigio on.

Next week for sure.

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