small pleasures

Today I attended an advanced excel course, which I was quite looking forward to. Once we’d started I realised that the course provider and I had wildly different ideas of what constitutes advanced. Unfortunately, there was nothing covered which I did not know or use on a daily basis or could not do in my sleep (or after several glasses of wine).

Oh well, at least it was a day (which I could ill-afford in terms of things which need completing) away from SML.

Afterward I could have attended the TeamCareerDeath Divisional post-luncheon drinks. But, I don’t know, somehow the idea of spending time with people (most excellent friends or no) who had been hard-core drinking for 5.5 hours really did not thrill me with fantastic pleasure.

Instead I ran back to SML to collect my marvellous new recipe book (which, of course, had arrived in my absence), came home to my lovely husband, donned1 my fabulous runners and did another circuit of our surrounds (maybe 100m further than last time2).

After my face lost some of the glowing beetroot colour, we ventured out to Japanese, which was excellent as always! If you are in our land … do yourself a favour3.

And now we are home and it is very quiet, very relaxed and very pleasant.

Don is already on hols, and the weekend stretches out before us like some sort of wonderful, relaxing, full-of-potential thing which stretches out.

1you see what i did there.
2why is it on running days I end up not having eaten? Must stuff face at lunch pre-next run in attempt for moar stamina
3poor Molly

2 thoughts on “small pleasures

  1. I am pretty sure I remember nothing of 1988, 1994 and 1996 (though Bessie was born at the very end of 1995) – it was all babies all the time.

    Last night, I was trying, very unsuccessfully, to explain Molly to Don (really he defies explanation). Don commented that this was yet another thing that set Australians apart from Americans – in the US such legends would have “people” to climb ladders for them.

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