Honestly, I am not sure why we don’t just throw all of the vegetables we buy straight into the bin and cut out the middle-man.



We had a couple of styrofoam containers on the deck filled with soil (from last year’s failed cucumber crops), but otherwise laying fallow.

I transplanted the rosemary into one of them and came out one day to find …

Tomato plants!

Sprung from who knows where or what?1

Today, I harvested what I could (and returned an equal amount of worm-tainted ones to the soil).

Wee tomatoes!

I am willing to wager that they are horribly tasteless (just like their parents).

But let us hope that they do not go the way of the bin (I totally see a 2012 not-resolution in this).


My maiden aunt (the only family I am in contact with) generally sends hyper-religious (which is how she rolls) Christmas cards. This year saw a change in tack and one which I could totally get on board with.

local (to her) charity card

The star is full of seeds for planting(!), appears to be hand-cut (and hand-stamped) and the back says:

We provide services in Newcastle, the Manning and Central Coast regions for young people, families and people with a disability. The artwork on this card was provided by people who attend the ASSET program which offers Adult Skills, Support, Education services and Training to people living with a disability

Far be it from me to get all preachy on your nether regions, but some people have such challenging, difficult lives that, if you are doing well right now, it might be a nice idea to cast some of your good fortune to those who might not be so blessed and to the small, hardworking charities who are not raking in the bazillions of dollars.


1 Okay, probably those worm-eaten tomatoes from last season.

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