just how i landed a man (or 3.5)

Because I am the Best Wife Ever, today I ventured out to buy Xmas gifts for Don’s hipster/urban team.

Buying fabulous gifts for anonymous people is something I excel at and fortunately what with the TropicalHoliday, there are no presents to buy for the immediate fam.

And so I headed off to unnamed store1 with no plan in mind, and ended up with the most perfect gifts at the most excellent price.

yo! and only later I discovered that they light!up!

And admire my superior wrapping! And adorable cards from … the Post Office!

Truly, I should be some sort of exhorbitantly paid PA.

My team, on the other hand … it took over an hour and not inconsiderable angst to end up with … some exotic chocolate.

1oh, okay, typo

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