i’m really kind of pleased

Kicking back with a couple of glasses of wine and some Grand Designs this afternoon, I finally completed the accursed 6 year jumper!

Handsome poppet he is

Admire my perfect sleeve seam

All that remains!

A gentle hand wash (hopefully will reduce the itchy) and a block (hopefully will even out the stitches) still to be completed, but by!golly! I think we can call it over!

And you can all breathe a sigh of relief at the end of accursed-jumper-blogging 2009-2011.

2 thoughts on “i’m really kind of pleased

  1. Thanks muchly!

    Must block for superior evenness of stitches, but utterly terrified of shrinkage (may add ice to the washing water).

    Amusingly, Bessie and I were planning a Project Runway marathon today and I was looking about for my knitting to accompany it. It was with much relief that I realised I no longer in thrall to the sword of damocles jumper (is that mixing my metaphors?).

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