working far too long this week

I’m utterly mentally exhausted (this work caper is really quite yucky indeed), but did manage to snap the following today:

I’m not sure how managed to get to the 3rd floor, but we didn’t have the heart to dispose of him after all that effort.


The Forsyth St Bad Kitty.

The very undignified bib prevents him menacing birdies.


I’m not entirely sure he’s recyclable.


I’ve mended him here and there, but today my trusty umbrella finally gave up the good fight against inclement weather.

I estimate about $2 per year of carrying.

My new, very similar, one cost $10. It should need replacing in 2016.


I swear those pumpkin scones will not become another 6 year jumper!

They are very high up on the action item list for this weekend.

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