guzzling vitamins

Finally I think I’ve reached the point where I’ve shaken off the worst of my illness.

Boy!howdy! it knocked me about.

I’ve been channelling sedate and relaxed, so not a great deal has been going on, but here are some low-key highlights …


After ExtremeProcrastination, I unravelled the way-too-long sleeves of the six year jumper and recommenced knitting.

Please Universe, make the very finite wool supply last to the bitter end.


Joaquim has made a re-appearance (who knew possums hibernated? we’d hoped he’d found a new family to terrorise) and decimated the parsley.

So we’ve admitted defeat and are attempting a parsley crop in the kitchen.

Already I have found TWO caterpillars, which makes me wonder if the plagues we’ve had in the past have originated on the plants themselves and not high-flying moths.


The most excellent Prudence shared her super-secret pumpkin scone recipe and I plan to whip up a batch this weekend.

Pumpkin acquired!


Given Don’s complete lack of enthusiasm for anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen, I purchased supremely comfy footwear for kitchen use and thus have brought everlasting shame to Bessie.


Acquired Bessie’s Year 10 formal dress. Thankfully Joan directed proceedings in a most excellent manner and we were done in less than 2 hours.

Dress is very pretty, very retro and suits her very well. Now we must find shoes.


Meeting at school tomorrow morning to discuss Joe/Frank’s less than stellar exam results and how the school can support him going into the HSC. I very much appreciate how proactive they are about these things.

There is some talk about splitting Year 12 over 2 years, which J/F is totally not on board with.

Hopefully he might realise it is time to attempt more than a 2 on the 10 point “how much effort am I putting in” scale.


There is a tropical island family (well, Joan and Joe/Frank, sans Bessie) vacation in our not-too-distant future. I think we are all desperately in need of it.

Booked flights last evening and now are awaiting a response from Qantas as to why Joan’s ticket, booked 3 minutes after ours (on the same flight and both via Qantas website) was $90 cheaper (per ticket) than ours.

Still … holiday!!!!

2 thoughts on “guzzling vitamins

  1. yeah, scoring a 2 on effort is probably a bit low. If you like, and if you don’t mind that he ends up as a middle aged drifter with no real sense of purpose or direction, you could tell him that until I was 25 I put in about a 6 on effort. Which isn’t much and still left lots of time for doing not much in.

  2. At this stage 6 is a wonderful dream, family tradition dictates a max of around 3.75!

    Which could explain how I also ended up as one of the multitude of middle aged drifters with no real sense of purpose or direction!

    The meeting went very well, we have lots of things to be going on with and he has many people to support him, but it is going to be an extremely long year!

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