4 thoughts on “wild ride

  1. Crazy, I know!

    We NSW-ians now do a full year of HSC starting Term 4 and ending in (next Term 4) October/November exams.

    I discovered this evening that three of Joe/Frank’s cousins1 are also HSCing this year. Let it never be said that I have actually any interest in or contact with my relatives.

    1 my white-trash middle sister’s, ex-husband’s normal sister’s oldest and super-bogan sister’s 2nd children – all girls.

  2. Splendid stuff about the scones. I shall be most interested to see/hear how they turned out for you. I do believe them to be of show-winning yumminess. Oh, and can you net your balcony against marauding insects and/or possums?

  3. Alas, the pumpkin sat idle, while Don and I focused on Extreme!Chores! And then I …….. completed the sleeves on the accursed jumper!!

    This weekend for sure and for certain!

    We have briefly considered netting off the particularly enticing plants, but decided that it was a little too much effort – clearly we are destined not to be farmers. I like the idea of netting the whole thing off, but the area is bigger than our entire flat (and the Body Corporate would be quite displeased).

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